About Us

Ming Zhong Machinery Co., Ltd. (MZfeeder), over 18 years of extensive experiences in producing, designing and fabricating separate and combined mechanical feeders, uncoilers/decoilers, and levelers/straighteners, is a professional manufacturer and custom solutions provider for automatic press machines. Our main products include 3 in 1 Uncoiler, Straightener & Feeder Series, 2 in 1 Uncoiler, Straightener series, air feeders, roller feeders, uncoilers/decoilers, recoilers, and mechanical robots and so on. Featuring in multi-functions,customization,flexible combination, high-caliber quality and professional services, our products work collaboratively with our clients through detailed machine design, they are well applauded by the customers in China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India and other countries and regions.

With our strenuous efforts in quality control and seeking precision fabrication, we always guarantee the best operation performance and lifetime to our feeders, uncoiler and straightener products. Being always customer-oriented, MZfeeder is committed to providing the best solutions and turn-key projects for the customers,likewise, we strongly encourage our clients’ involvement and during detailed machine engineering, we are well aware of these collaborative efforts can yield the highest level of satisfaction after final commissioning and operation.